Summer Essentials For Your Beach Bag

One of the most fun things to do during a hot summer day is to have a blast at the pool, or even better - at the beach. However to make sure that you’ll be comfortable at all times it’s important to bring the right summer essentials with you. Whether it’s a sunblock or the latest summer fashion must-haves, we’ve got you covered here! Keep reading to find out about the cutest and most important items to stash in your beach bag or a travel bag.

A cute tote bag

The first thing’s first! Before you start to pack your perfect beach bag, you need to pick the right one for you! A tote bag will be a great choice, as it’s really light, can fit a lot of things and look cute. If you’re up for a sunny beach day, make sure to pick the ziplock type of tote. That’s a perfect way how to keep sand out of your stuff, as it almost always finds the way in, even if you’re being very careful.

One of a kind beach towel

Another beach hack for your perfect beach bag is a beach towel. But not just any towel! Pick a towel with some unique pattern or design, so that you can always spot it when you’re returning from a swim. That way you won’t get the sudden freak out that your friends moved to a different spot without telling you or that someone sat down on your towel so that you can’t see it anymore. A pica sized towel or a really bright one will work perfectly for this.

A sun hat

Nothing adds more style to a beach look than a cute sun hat. Plus it’s great for multiple purposes. It makes you look great while also protecting you from the sun that’s ready to overheat you any moment.

Stylish sunglasses

Another super important essential for your beach bag is stylish sunnies. Same as the sun hat, great sunglasses will make you look pretty as well as protect your eyesight from the bright summer sun. Make sure to pair them with your swimsuit, choosing the same color or style for the ultimate beach look.

Nature-friendly SPF

Don’t leave your home before putting a nature-friendly SPF in your beach bag. It’s incredibly important to take good care of your skin so that it looks radiant and young always. SPF will protect you from an unwanted sunburn and will prevent your skin from getting all dry and wrinkly, that usually happens after spending a lot of time in a direct sun. Just make sure that your SPF is made out of natural materials, so that it doesn’t affect negatively the marine life when in contact with water.

SPF Hair Spray

If you’re taking care of your skin, you obviously have to treat your hair just as good. I’m sure you’ve noticed that hair can also get dry if exposed to the sun for too long. Make sure to get the SPF Hair Spray, that will protect your hair from roots to tips. It’s very important to use it if you have dyed or highlighted hair that fades in the sun. You want to keep them hydrated and safe so that they always look stunning!

The perfect summer read

When it comes to the entertainment on the beach, one way is to go to the sporty side and play beach volleyball. But if you feel like relaxing instead of getting active, a great book is such a lifesaver. It will be the best company and entertainment of a pool or beach day.

Summer tunes your headphones

Another summer essential to always keep the mood up are some trendy summer tunes. Make sure to set up your go-to music player to with the latest summer hits and don’t forget your headphones, so you can blast these tunes as loud as you like.

A waterproof speaker

If you’re going to the beach with a group of friends, a great idea is to pack a waterproof speaker. That way you’ll be able to keep the fun summer mood up with your favorite tunes for the whole group.

A baby powder

The final but possibly the most creative summer beach essential that should be in your beach bag is a baby powder. You might think that this is a really weird suggestion. But the fact is that a baby powder is one of the greatest tools how to get rid of sand that is sticking to you everywhere. Just rub a little of baby powder on your skin and all the sand will fall right off and you won’t end up bringing half of the sand from the beach home.

  • August 01, 2018

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