Planning your perfect Thailand holiday for a family

The holiday season around the New Years is pretty much the most perfect time of the year to get off from work and spend some quality time with family. Some prefer family gatherings at home, while some are planning full-blown winter getaways to sunny destinations. For the latter Thailand holidays seem to be one of the top choices this year.

Before you dismiss this idea thinking that cheap holidays to Thailand doesn’t exist or that it’s going to be too complicated to plan a trip for your whole family, keep reading to learn the ultimate tips and tricks how to make your family holiday in Thailand happen. It doesn’t have to take much planning not it has to cost a fortune if everything is done right.

Why choose a family holiday trip instead of home gathering?

Enjoy the sunny beaches of Thailand with your family
Who wouldn’t love to be relaxed and chilling on the beach in Thailand with a fruit smoothie in hand while the winter cold is taking over everything back home? And what better way to do it that together with family. 

When lots of your family members are scattered all over the country, the end of the year get-togethers at the childhood home, parents place or at anyone else tend to be a lot of work. Lot’s of planning, preparing food, stressing over how to fit everyone in one home. Thinking of what to do, how to have a good time and more things like these can get pretty stressful.

Many families nowadays choose a family trip instead and skip all the hustle and responsibilities of endless cooking for a large family, cleaning, and organizing. Instead, they go for a dream vacation that all the family members are excited about. Some for the destination itself, while some are excited about being able to simply relax. 

Planning a family holiday made easy

Planing a holiday for a group of 5-15 could be done in a lot more simple way if you know a few tricks
For the first-timers planning a holiday for a larger family of 5 to maybe even 15 people could seem impossible. Or lots of work at least. But there are some planning tricks you should know about to be able to easily plan cheap holidays to Thailand or other destinations in the world for your whole family. 

The most important first step is to divide the responsibilities. In this case the bigger your family, the better. Just get one person to list all the things that need to be done and point a responsible family member for each of those.

If your holiday choice this season in everyone's favorite Thailand, the list should include these kinds of tasks and responsibilities:
Choosing the right destination that interests everyone (charming towns like Chiang Mai, Pai, Pattaya, or islands like Krabi, Koh Samui or Koh Chang, or a big city trip in Bangkok)
Researching the best Thailand tour packages, flights, and hotels
Booking different Thailand Tours like hiking in the jungle, snorkeling, island hopping or learning to cook Thai food. The goal is to find something that will interest each member of the family.
Organizing lunch or dinner reservations for the whole group to meet up in between exploring the destination.

So if all the tasks are divided between the family members, everyone will be able to give their input and nobody will feel overwhelmed with too much of a planning.

How to find the best offers for a Thailand trip

To get the best deals for your family always book your travel and accommodation separately
All inclusive holidays in Thailand or set Thailand tour packages are ones of the easiest, cheapest and quickest ways to go. Another option is to book the flights, accommodation and tours separately. In this case, it does take a bit more planning and researching, but you are able to be more flexible with the whole program and you could actually save a lot if you would spend a bit more time researching the best coupons for the cheapest flights or the best acommodation deals

Either way, the best source where to start searching for the best Thailand Holiday deals on This website offers all the latest discounted travel deals on Thailand tour packages, cheap flights, and accommodation in Thailand and everything related to that.

Southeast Asia with Thailand, in particular, is the most affordable winter getaway destination in the world. Even if the flights might take long, you win all of that back with the extremely cheap prices that you’ll experience once you land in your destination. So make sure to surf the for all the best Thailand packages and latest coupons from various booking engines, to make the best of your winter getaway to Thailand with family.

  • August 19, 2018

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