FIFA World Cup finalists France and Croatia: Best travel destinations this summer

The world has been watching the FIFA World Cup for the whole month of June and it has been exciting. The sports enthusiasts had had a chance to watch their favorite teams and players in action, while others have been able to learn more about the countries in the spotlight. As the World Cup brings together players from all over the world, in a way it’s possible to see and experience different cultures and traditions through them. And who knows, maybe even pick your next summer destination, based on the team that you like and where they come from.

The biggest spotlight in the 2018 FIFA World Cup is on the current football superstar countries France and Croatia. After the final game, that turned out to be the highest-scoring final since 1966 with many controversial VAR decision, an own goal, record-breaking feats, a pitch invasion and an underdog - Croatia pushing a heavyweight - France to its limit.

Countries that stood out on 2018 FIFA World Cup

This football tournament in Russia had turned out to be very unpredictable and surprising. As many of the usual favorite countries didn’t manage to get to the finals, the spotlight has been on the new rising stars. It was shocking to many that the top picks for the final game Germany, Spain, Argentina and Portugal were all toppled already before the quarterfinals. So many now call this World Cup final as the fight - David versus Goliath.

Even though France won the World Cup and left the Croatian team, which was bidding to become the smallest country since Uruguay to win the sport's most coveted trophy, getting the Silver medals, many now are intrigued now to learn more about Croatia. As a country of four million, Croatia had overcome demographic and economic odds, to reach the pinnacle and had come from behind in all three knockout games to reach the 2018 World Cup finals, winning in extra-time on all three occasions. This sounds exciting to many, leaving them to want to know more.

As the Russian 2018 World Cup excitement will slowly tone down, it’s time to use the new-gained inspiration to make some exciting vacation plans. And why not to make them go to France or Croatia this summer season? Or perhaps even to both?

France - a perfect city break, mountains and luxury beaches

France is a country that can offer so much in terms of travel, many people around the world are in love with it. Starting from a perfect romantic city break in Paris, mountain bike adventures or hiking in the French Alps. Or going even further down South to find the most beautiful blue water, picturesque little French towns and possible the chicest atmosphere in the world, that French Riviera will definitely provide you with.

And there is even more to French Riviera. after exploring the famous St. Tropez, Cannes and Nice, it’s possible to take a yacht ride and visit also the French islands surrounded by the beautiful turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea. Visiting Corsica, the most popular French island, is going to be a dream come true not just for those who love France, but also for all the Italy and Greece fans, as this island reminds it’s visitors a lot of these countries.

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Croatia - Europes favorite beach destination

If your choice of destination for a summer vacation leans towards Croatia, you’re in luck as Croatia is one of Europe’s sunniest places. The long coastline on the Adriatic Sea has made the top places to choose for a beach getaway in Croatia be Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik, and Pula.

Expect extraordinary island-speckled coastline and one of the clearest waters you’ve ever seen. When the water sets against a dazzling white pebbly beach, it sparkles with a jewel-like intensity in shades of emerald and sapphire. The long stretch of beautiful sandy beaches will be a perfect relaxation place, lying in the sand, reading a good book or enjoying yourself by doing different water sports by the beach, like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing.

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How to find the best deal for a summer vacation?

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  • July 17, 2018

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