Best Packing Trends For Summer Travels

As the summer season is in full speed right now and your long awaited vacation is coming up soon, it’s time to think about packing your luggage. Travel industry keeps developing year by year, as we discover new exciting products and packing tricks that makes preparing for our vacation more easy than ever. We’ve put together a list of the best carry-on packing tips and tricks according to popular travel bloggers as well as a list of items, that you should definitely make it on your packing list. Keep reading to discover them all!

The best tips and tricks to pack a perfect carry-on luggage

There are a few methods that are considered to be a revolution in travel packing. These methods allow you to fit as much as possible in your bag, whether it’s a carry on or the checked-in bag. Before you get to them, just remember that packing light is the key to comfortable travel. That way you’re not carrying a pointless weight with you and you always can sort through your stuff easily.

Rolling your clothes

This method is the best if you need to fit a lot of clothes in a small space. By rolling each of them up, including small pieces like socks and underwear, you can maximize the space and fit all the clothes like Lego bricks. Just fill up every smallest slot and you’ll be surprised how much more you can fit now in comparison if you would have lie all your clothes flat or folded them. This method also keeps your clothes from getting wrinkly.

Space saver bags or packing cubes

Another tick to fit your rolled clothes even better is using space saver bags or packing cubes. You can fit your clothes in a space saver bag, vacuum out all the air and end up with a much smaller package to put in your bag that it was before. Add also a scented piece of fabric in the bag with all your clothes. When you’ll unpack at your destination, your clothes will have a very nice aroma and will be super pleasant to wear.

Another just as great option is using packing cubes when traveling. You can divide all your things in different packing cubes and fit them in your luggage as bricks, perfectly covering up all the space. This is the greatest way to pack, when you’re doing it the last minute. And it’s perfect after you’ve landed as all your things are neatly sorted, so it’s easy for you to find everything in your luggage.

Shoes in separate bags

The one thing that can’t be rolled and doesn’t go in your space saver bags or packing cubes are your shoes. But don’t worry, as there’s a packing hack also for the shoes! When you’re packing them, make sure to put each shoe in a separate shoe bag. That way they will take up less space as to if they were put together. The key is always to cover all the gaps between the packing bags and other things, so you can easily do that with shoes, packing them one by one.

Travel essentials to always include on your packing list

Light, waterproof clothing

Clothing usually takes up the most space in your luggage. Therefore it’s important to think about the destinations where you’re going and decide what kind of outfits and how many of them will you need. If it’s a warm summer destination, then apart from the concentration of beachwear, sundresses, shorts, and tees, remember to bring a lightweight jacket or a sweeter. Those are useful while on the plane, as the air condition tends to be quite cold n the flights. Also, you want to be safe to have something in case the evenings get chilly.

Also, make sure not to bring many different outfit choices that take up a lot of space but rather take neutral looking outfits that can be easily combined together. Go for colors like white, grey or black, that go well with each other. That way you’ll be able to combine different tops and bottoms, being able to pull off a different look every day.

Reusable water bottle with a built-in filter

Another popular travel item is reusable water bottles with built-in-filter. They are not only eco-friendly, as you don’t need to buy water bottles all the time and produce lots of plastic waste, but they also save you a lot of money on buying water. You can fill up your bottle any time and you’re good to go.

In many destinations, you can’t be too sure about the quality of the water, so a water filter comes in handy. You can fill up your bottle, the water will be instantly filtered and safe to drink. Make sure to get such bottle before your trip and you’ll see how it’s a life-changing item in travel. No wonder that most of the travel bloggers in the world are raving about it as the invention of the century.

In addition to these times, you might also want to bring a decent eye mask and silicone earplugs to block out the sound of the plane or the hotel for a quality sleep. A kindle reader will be a great company on your trip if you like to read, but obviously, don’t want to carry the weight of a big book. And lastly, the power bank to always charge your phone while you’re out exploring is a must.

With these items in your bag and packing tricks, you’re all ready for your summer trip. Enjoy it to the fullest!

  • August 02, 2018

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