5 reasons why Los Angeles should be on your bucket list

If you ask people around the world which cities are on their bucket list, I bet you’ll hear them saying Los Angeles, California quite often. I said it too! It’s no surprise as this city offers some of the most incredible experiences to its visitors daily. And even more, because it’s super easy to get there as the LA flight network is excellent. 

There are lots of useful flight booking sites like Buy My Trip and others offering last minute international flights at affordable prices. Canadians are especially in luck, as LA kind of feels next door. So it’s not hard to find some pretty epic last minute flight deals from Toronto, Vancouver or other parts of the country with these BuyMyTrip coupons to check this place off the bucket list. But why should Los Angeles be on your bucket list? 

The food paradise

LA is a true food heaven, you can find almost every cuisine around the word

The first and most obvious reason would be the food. It’s safe to say that Los Angeles is a true food paradise, where you can find cuisines from all over the world. As the people around the world are learning to live and eat more healthy, vegan, organic and overall healthy food is a go-to for many and Los Angeles has become a healthy food heaven. From farmers markets to vegan restaurants and eco-friendly coffee shops, you’ll definitely fulfill all your food cravings here.

Apart from the healthy food, LA is the queen of Mexican food. Some say it’s even better than in Mexico itself, and that’s for a good reason. The city of Angels has actually been part of Mexico a while ago and now is home to a huge Mexican population, so it’s safe to say that the food here is authentic! All the best Mexican classics like Tacos, Burritos, Chilaquiles and even Ceviche rich of taste and favors can be found all over the city. 

For the best Mexican food experience, it’s worth to test out the famous food trucks on Santa Monica Blvd right next to the Santa Monica Pier. It’s an unforgettable experience because of the delicious food as well as the beautiful location right by the Santa Monica beach. Eating the best tacos of your life and watching the waves crash against the sandy shore is a pure feeling of bliss.

The best surf spots in the world

Find the best waves to surf and most romantic sunsets on the cost of the Ocean
This one goes for surfers and watchers as well. California is well known for maintaining an awesome surf culture with some of the best beaches in the world. To people who are even a little bit interested in surfing or pretty beaches, in general, will have heard about the Malibu Beach, also known as the Surfrider Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach, Zuma Beach, Hermosa Beach or Manhattan Beach.

My personal favorite and a must-visit every time I’m in LA is the Venice Beach. It makes a great fun with the waves perfect for all surfers from the beginners to pros. It also hosts a picturesque boardwalk lined with palm trees and chill cafes. 

Venice beach is also great for volleyball, rollerblading, biking or jogging. With their perfect weather full of sunshine nearly 300 days of the year, this does sound like a perfect getaway from the cold, doesn’t it? So if you’re wondering to yourself already how to book my flight ticket, check out the last minute flights Canada or any other country has to offer you right now. And to get your wanderlust going, even more, check out these BuyMyTrip coupons to get even better flight deals. Who knows, maybe you’ll be on your LA trip already soon!

Sunny hikes to world-famous places

Hike to the word famous movie scene locations
If there’s something that all the visitors of Los Angeles loves as much as the Angelenos themselves, is to go on a hike. As people say - no one ever walks in LA and it’s true anytime except when it’s hiking. Going on a hike in LA is such a rewarding experience, as you get to exercise and push your limits to stay fit and healthy. You also get to people watch while doing that, as there are even many celebrities going hiking in LA daily. And the very best part - quite often you get to see some beautiful views or epic landmarks. 

One of the most popular hikes in LA is the Griffith Observatory hike. It’s the tourist favorite as much as the local favorite, as it leads up to the iconic observatory with killer city views. People love it also for the caves and canyons on the way. But the all-time best LA hike that I never skip myself on my trips to this city is the Hollywood sign hike. Did you even know that you can not only see it from somewhere far but actually hike up to the sign and stand right next to it just a reach of a hand away? Being up there feels like being in a movie with the best views all around. 

Get to know behind the scenes of your favorite movies

Discover your favorite movie scenes in Los Angeles
In LA pretty much everything involves around movie stars, movie sets, famous actors and people, who wish to be actors. It’s a place full of hopes and big dreams and also full of opportunities. In this case, opportunities to actually see how some of your favorite movies that you just watched in the cinemas or on Netflix are made. Just imagine how exciting it would be to walk around the set of the latest Fast & Furious movie, to see where Jurassic Park or Star Wars were filmed. It’s all possible only in LA!

The best bet how to get a great glimpse of all the movie set craze is to visit the Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s a fun place for kids as well as the grownups. You’re able to take a tour through the sets of different movies, learn different tricks how these Hollywood movies are made. You get to see the performances of real Hollywood action movie stuntmen and visit the places you’d never thought existed in real life, like the famous Krusty Burger from Simpsons. And that’s just the beginning.

Be a part of a real red carpet ceremony

The red carpet experience is something that everyone should try at least once
This is something that many people wish they would experience at least one in their lives. Standing on a red carpet, watching all your favorite actors and actresses arriving in their beautiful gowns. Doing the interviews with the press, smiling for the photographers and heading into the movie theatre to watch the world premiere of a huge new movie. For some, it’s a daily life in LA. So how about hitting the red carpet of a movie premiere or maybe an Oscars of the MTV music awards ceremony? 

These kinds of events take place all over the city, the most famous place being the Walk of Fame by the Chinese Theatre in West Hollywood. So once you manage to take your dream trip to LA, make sure to Google the red carpet event happening in the city while you are there. You can just show up to the event and enjoy the red carpet, as they are usually open to fans, so you can spot your all-time favorite celebrity to make your LA trip really count.

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  • August 18, 2018

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