5 Last Minute Winter Vacation Spots

The cold and long winters are kind of the best time when to sneak off for a warm winter vacation. Don’t you agree? And while most parts of the world are covered in snow during the winter months, there are still some that welcomes vacationers from all over the world with a sunny weather, beaches, beautiful hikes and much more.

So why not to just jump on a plane and treat yourself with an epic last-minute winter vacation that will pump up your energy levels so high, that you’ll be ready to seize every day to the fullest until your next summer trip.

The best part of taking a winter vacation in December, January or other cold months is the fact that you can find a lot of exciting warm winter holiday spots all over the world. So here is the list of this season’s 5 best last minute winter vacation to get your wanderlust going.

Puerto Rico

Enjoy the beauties of nature during your winter vacation in Puerto Rico
I think many would agree that there’s no better place for a warm winter vacation the hat Caribbean. If you feel like spending your December or January hiking in tropical rainforests, kayaking in a bioluminescent bay or finding your way through an underground cave system, Puerto Rico will be the perfect winter travel destination for you.

Not only does it offer countless adventurous activities in nature, it also allows you to experience the beauty of ancient fortress in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, and have some magical beach days on its tiny islets. So if you are a true nature lover, check out the best discounted deals on last-minute flights to Puerto Rico and other exciting destinations on CouponsHuggy.com.

Tenerife, Spain

Visit the warmest island during winter in Europe, Tenerife
If you picture Europe as your perfect winter travel destination, then there’s no better choice then the beautiful Spanish island Tenerife. It’s also the warmest place during the winter time in Europe, so it’s the top destination for the best winter trips in the sunshine and easily affordable with these cheap flight coupons.

As part of Spain, this diverse and extraordinary island offers a range of experiences. You can expect some great Spanish and European cuisine, immersing yourself in Spanish culture with local designer shops and Carnival celebrations, that some say are just as spectacular as in Rio. You’ll get to spend your days in Tenerife surrounded by a mixture of modern Spanish design as well as creaky old colonial towns with a soul. And for the nature lovers, hiking Spain’s tallest mountain  Teide and relaxing at one of the many beaches after the hike.

Agadir, Morocco

Visit Northern Africa's best holiday location Morocco
Another one of the best winter vacation destinations is waiting for a short distance away from Tenerife, Spain. However it represents an absolutely different culture and even a different continent. The Northern African coastal town Agadir in Morocco is the place for a fun winter vacation filled with surfing, exploring fishing villages and driving up and down a beautiful coastline just like the famous California coastline route, just with more African vibes.

As Morocco is becoming more and more popular over the past few year’s is pretty much the easiest African country to fly to from anywhere in the world. You can find extremely affordable last minute flights from Canada, the US and many European countries for low prices. If you’re thinking what is the best place where to find the best deals for booking my flight, make sure to visit CouponsHuggy.com for the latest coupons with discount codes for flight and different travel packages.

Penang, Malaysia

Discover the trendiest holiday location in South East Asia: Penang, Malaysia

When it comes to warm and sunny weather all year long, South East Asia is the favorite pick for many and as a matter of course you can always find the cheapest flight deals at CouponsHuggy.com . There are many well know destinations like Phuket in Thailand or Bali in Indonesia and they are all great. But this season Malaysia is the trendiest destination, with the beautiful Penang as the top pick.

Penang is an island in Northern Malaysia, offering its visitors beautiful coastal resorts for the ultimate beach relaxation. But it’s so much more than that. This island has been influenced by Chinese and other foreign influences, allowing people to experience a rich mixture of architecture, food, and cultures. That makes Penang attractive to many, in addition to all the exciting hiking options, flower gardens and the breathtaking views from the Penang Hill.

Sedona, Arizona

Enjoy great hiking locations and discover the classical Arizona desert in Sedona
But how about a winter getaway to the sunny parts of the US. If that’s what you’re thinking then consider Sedona, Arizona as the best winter vacation spot in the US. The reasons are simple - hot weather during any month of the year and possibly the most beautiful views in the world.

If you’re into hiking and exploring nature, make sure to hike up the Cathedral Rocks or other nearby hiking trails. The view of the endless red rock canyon at the end of each of those trails is so worth it. Pus, the flight network to reach Sedona is very convenient from all parts of Canada as well as the US.

There’s are so many great summer-like destinations for you to visit this winter, so make sure to CouponsHuggy.com to find the best travel deals available at the moment and enjoy this winter surrounded by nature, beautiful beaches and warm sunshine.


  • August 18, 2018

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